HAHAHA thats awful doe


HAHAHA thats awful doe

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Chapter 1

this day is coming for me.

this day is coming for me.

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Iconic Space

What if space were an icon for humans?

Humans live within such a complex social framework of controlling norms, that to me what is left is: space.

Space between what we say and what we want to say.

Space between what we intend to do and actions.

Even space between what we want and acknowledgement of a concept.

Hence, space, I believe, should be iconic of human nature.

Hello New Year

Hello exciting new year. Today is the first day of my first real job since graduating college. Can’t wait to look back on this one day when I ball so hard w niggas in Paris. Yeaaa

Dear 2012

Dear Year 2012,

I have so much hope for you, as you show so much promise.  You are the year of change in more ways than I could’ve ever foreseen in 2011.  I hope to love you very much.

It seems that some things I want are near impossible, but where there is hope, almost anything is attainable.  

Whether or not I want the right things is becoming less muddy every day.  We often still want what is very likely to be detrimental to ourselves, and that is what we call a romantic tragedy.  And in life these come in various forms.

But hold fast to hope; this is truly going to be the year.  The game has already changed.  and so have I.  More and more I see the beauty of both solitude and privacy.

day to day

I don’t think there’s a single day that goes by without thinking about you.

and then I thought…

yea, you are totally right.   and that’s a good thing.